ABMDR receives unprecedented support in Boston

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ABMDR receives unprecedented support in Boston

Benefit concert features jazz great Datevik Hovanesian; ABMDR
participates in Daughters of Vartan convocation

Los Angeles, July 27, 2009 – Recently the Armenian Bone Marrow Donor
Registry (ABMDR) received the enthusiastic support of Boston’s
Armenian community through two highly anticipated events: the `Jazz
for Life’ benefit concert and the 69th Grand Convocation of the
Daughters of Vartan.

Headlined by world-renowned singer Datevik Hovanesian, `Jazz for
Life’ was held on June 27 at the Armenian Cultural Foundation center
in Arlington, drawing hundreds of jazz aficionados and supporters.
The concert, organized and sponsored by the Amaras Art Alliance of
Watertown and the Armenian Cultural Foundation (ACF) of Arlington,
benefited the ABMDR’s current and forthcoming projects.

The concert program started with a wine and cheese reception hosted
by long-time ABMDR supporters Mr. and Mrs. Kegham Varjabedian, in
memory of their cousin Anahid Varjabedian. After welcoming the
audience, ACF Board member Dr. Nishan Goudsouzian invited Richard
Boyajian, R.N., of the Dana Farber Cancer Institute to share his
experiences with the attendees.

A survivor of leukemia thanks to a bone marrow transplant, Boyajian
underscored the critical importance of the ABMDR as he related his
moving odyssey of disappointments, courage, hope, and recovery. `I
was the lucky recipient of an unrelated match 12 years ago, when I
was diagnosed with leukemia,’ he recalled. `Most leukemia patients
are not so lucky. A unique registry such as the ABMDR is vital for
Armenian patients, no matter where they may be in the world.’

`The ABMDR’s accomplishments are astonishing,’ Boyajian continued.
`The registry’s newly opened Stem Cell Harvesting Center in Yerevan
is world-class and second to none. It is equivalent to what we have
here in the U.S. It takes a huge effort and commitment to come this

Mrs. Nora Orchanian, a Boston supporter of the ABMDR who was
instrumental in organizing recruitments for a leukemia patient in
2007, spoke of her experience working with the registry during
stressful times, when the family of the patient needed not only to
find a match but also to know that there are people and an
organization that care and are willing to help. `The ABMDR gave us
hope,’ Mrs. Orchanian said. `[ABMDR Board president] Dr. Frieda
Jordan, all the volunteers, and all the donors who have registered
are filled with love and charity. Let us not let this evening go by
without making a commitment to support this wonderful organization.’

Throughout the `Jazz for Life’ concert, Datevik dazzled her fans
with her signature jazz stylings, including innovative renditions of
classics by Komitas and Sayat Nova, as well as beloved performances
of her own original songs, often spiced with exuberant
improvisations. Datevik, who had traveled from New York to appear at
the concert, was accompanied by her trio, comprising Bob Albanese,
David Meade, and Joe Fitzgerald. `I am extremely proud to be part of
this event and very glad you are all here supporting an absolutely
crucial cause for our people,’ said Datevik, a longtime supporter of
the ABMDR.

`We all have to pay our dues,’ the singer continued. `I hope to
give joy to my audiences so that they, in return, feel more generous
toward important causes such as that of the ABMDR,’ she said later
during a personal interview for the ABMDR television program.

`Jazz for Life’ aimed to raise awareness of the mission of the
ABMDR, which helps Armenians worldwide survive life-threatening blood-
related diseases by recruiting and matching donors for bone marrow
stem cell transplants. Recently the ABMDR reached a milestone when it
opened its Stem Cell Harvesting Center in Yerevan, and has plans to
establish a bone marrow transplant center in the capital.

`The concert is also a celebration of the launch of the Stem Cell
Harvesting,’ said organizer and Amaras Art Alliance president Arax
Badalian. `We hope to raise funds to sponsor the cryobank lab at the
center, where harvested stem cells are frozen and stored for later use.’
The Amaras Art Alliance promotes Armenian culture and education
through performing arts, youth exchange programs, and children’s day
camps. `We are honored to sponsor `Jazz for Life,’ an event that
allows our artists to participate in a vital cause for the health and
well-being of Armenian children and adults everywhere,’ Badalian

Collaborating with Daughters of Vartan

Another recent Boston event that supported the mission of the ABMDR
was the Daughters of Vartan’s 69th Grand Convocation, in which
participated a number of ABMDR representatives.

During a special afternoon workshop at the Westin Copley Place Hotel
on July 2, Dr. Vergine Madenlian, a member of the ABMDR Board of
Directors, made a video presentation of the registry’s recent
achievements and gave a brief report on the registry’s mission,
current activities, and future plans. `The workshop participants were
delighted to learn more about the registry’s work,’ Dr. Madenlian
said. `The Daughters of Vartan has a strong, active network of women
who are interested in organizing bone marrow donor recruitments in
their communities. I find this very encouraging.’

`We have long enjoyed the support of the Daughters of Vartan,’ said
ABMDR Board member Alvart Badalian. `The registry’s recent
accomplishments have generated renewed interest among members of the
Daughters of Vartan, who bring their support to several worthy
organizations throughout the U.S. We look forward to a closer
relationship and strong support for years to come.’

`Melene Ouzounian, the Grand Matron of the Daughters of Vartan, has
been a great friend of the Registry,’ ABMDR Board president Dr.
Frieda Jordan said. `She was instrumental in introducing us to her
organization years ago. I congratulate her on her new position as
Grand Matron and wish her good luck.’

About the Armenian Bone Marrow Donor Registry: Established in 1999,
the ABMDR, a nonprofit organization, helps Armenians worldwide
survive life-threatening blood-related illnesses by recruiting and
matching donors to those requiring bone marrow stem cell transplants.

To date, the registry has recruited over 15,000 donors across three
continents, identified 1,305 patients, found 1,033 potential matches,
and facilitated nine bone marrow transplants.

For more information, call (323) 663-3609 or visit abmdr.am.

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