Minsk Group Co-Chairs meeting in Krakow

Minsk Group Co-Chairs meeting in Krakow

25.07.2009 15:20

The Minsk Group Co-Chairs are meeting July 25-26 in Krakow for
intensive consultations in response to the directives of Presidents
Obama, Sarkozy, and Medvedev in their July 10 statement for the
Co-Chairs to update the Madrid Document, which outlines the Basic
Principles of a Nagorno Karabakh settlement.

The OSCE American co-chairman Matthew Bryza told Armenpress that the
foreign ministers of Armenia and Azerbaijan will not participate in
this meeting.

As to the terms of duty of the American Co-Chair at the Minsk Group,
Bryza noted that no decisions have been made on when he will finish his
duties as Minsk Group Co-Chair.

"I am thrilled to have been kept on so far into President Obama’s
administration, but, at some point, will need to rotate to a new
position. This is our way of life in the Foreign Service," he stressed.