Armenia To Send Military Forces To Afghanistan


July 24 2009

Armenia’s defense minister Seyran Ohanian has announced that nation
will contribute troops to the ISAF forces in Afghanistan.

Colonel Seyran Shahsuvarian told Radio Free Europe (RFE/RL) that
an Armenian military official is discussing the details of the
deployment at a NATO planning conference in Germany. Armenia, as
part of the USSR, has previously participated in the failed Soviet
invasion of Afghanistan in the 1980s, and veterans have expressed a
willingness to return to the front according to the Associated Press
(AP). As of yet, no details have been revealed to the public of how
many servicemen will be sent and from which branch of service they
will come. Unnamed officials said Armenia is likely to send munitions
experts or communications officers.

Armenia has participated in other Western military operations,
including those in Kosovo and Iraq. About 50 Armenian sappers,
military doctors, and other non-combat personnel served in Iraq until
last autumn, leaving when the Polish contingent to which they were
attached was withdrawn.