Doctor Is Going To Appeal To Court


23 July 2009

Laura Gasparian, the only doctor of the clinical laboratory of Parakiar
community, has been fired for some groundless reasons.

The village head, Samvel Vardanian threatened to dismiss her since
2008 but couldn’t do it since he had no grounds.

Samvel Vardanian realized his intention after he learnt about Laura’s

Laura Gasparian was informed about her release after returning to
work from a holiday on July 6.

"I went to work and found the iron door of my room removed. I
immediately called the police. They came and found everything in their
places. Samvel Vardanian was also there. He left after settling his
affairs with the policemen," tells Mrs. Laura.

Later in the day, Mrs. Laura tried to register in the hospital as a
pregnant woman but the clinic director didn’t do it. Under the acting
legislation the director cannot fire an employee if the later has
already recorded her pregnancy.

"I was asked to present documents certifying to my pregnancy. But if
a person goes to a clinic and informs about her pregnancy, she must
be registered and sent to an examination. I was told to be examined
in another clinic and submit the corresponding documents. They did
it deliberately to gain time to dismiss me before presenting the
documents," said Mrs. Laura Gasparian.

She had to pay 30 000 drams to have a medical examination in another

On July 18 Mrs. Laura submitted all necessary documents with the
clinic but the director informed her that she had been fired for
unreasonable absences the day before, on July 17.

Laura Gasparian says that Clinic Head Lusik Aghekian didn’t want
to cause her financial harm, she simply executed the order of the
district head.

Let us remind that Laura Gasparian had been chased after rendering
medical assistance to hunger-strikers at Liberty Square, Northern
Avenue and Yerablur.

Laura Gasparian is going to appeal to court.

"Actually, even my pregnancy didn’t stop the political persecution
against my personality. I shall appeal to all judicial instances
though I do not confidence in them."