ASTROPHYSICS: Findings From M.V. Gyulzadian And Co-Authors Broaden U


Science Letter
July 21, 2009

"We analyze the data presented in a previous paper by Gyulzadyan and
Petrosian, and discuss the results of a statistical investigation
of the relationship between SBS galaxies and Zwicky clusters. are
that SBS galaxies follow the overall galaxy distribution in clusters
and they do not avoid any type of Zwicky cluster," investigators in
Armenia report (see also Astrophysics).

"There is a significantly higher probability of finding SBS galaxies
occurring in medium compact clusters than in open clusters. They
also follow the well-established morphology-density relation. Earlier
morphological type, higher luminosity, larger linear size, and redder
SBS galaxies tend to be found in clusters with higher compactness,
or in more compact regions of the clusters. The number distribution of
SBS galaxies in Zwicky open clusters probably follows the distribution
of normal galaxies," wrote M.V. Gyulzadian and colleagues.

The researchers concluded: "The number distribution of SBS galaxies
in medium compact and compact clusters shows two-maxima structure.."

Gyulzadian and colleagues published their study in Astrophysics
(Relationship of galaxies from the second Byurakan survey to Zwicky
clusters. II. Discussion. Astrophysics, 2009;52(2):205-216).

For additional information, contact M.V. Gyulzadian, VA Ambartsumian
Byurakan Astrophysics Observ, Byurakan, Armenia.

The publisher of the journal Astrophysics can be contacted at:
Springer, Plenum Publishers, 233 Spring St., New York, NY 10013, USA.