Arthur Abraham Says He Made Oral’s Coach To Stop Ring

17:46 22/07/2009

Undefeated IBF middleweight champion Arthur Abraham usually arrives
in Armenia after his every match to meet his family members, relatives
and friends.

After his victory over Turkish boxer Makhir Oral, Abraham held
negotiations with "Showtime" TV station to participate in the
tournament organized by them and only after that arrived in
Yerevan. The news conference was scheduled just in the airport but
because of tragic crash of Tehran-Yerevan aircraft it was postponed
and conducted only today in "Armenia Marriott" hotel.

"I wished so much to meet Armenian mass media representatives and
to share my feelings with you, as the match with Turkish Oral was
significant for me psychologically," Arthur Abraham said.

Arthur Abraham had undisputable privilege over the Turkish
boxer. Several times the rival got knockdown but it seemed Abraham
did not want to defeat his rival completely.

"Generally I want to defeat my rival just in the ring. When I do have
such chance I use it without waiting for another one. Oral is a strong
one, he did not want to be defeated. When his coach threw the towel in
the ring I showed it to him to say that it was useless to continue as
it could danger his health. I am not underestimating anybody. I made
my rival’s coaches to understand that they should stop the ring, as
I am in good relations with his coaches and I have trained with Oral
several years ago. I did not want to put his health under threat,"
Abraham said.