Poll: Darchinyan Will Be Victorious Over Agbeko


Joy Online
8 July 2009, 18:49 GMT

If the media members who participated in the SHOWTIME Media Prediction
Poll have called it correctly, Vic "Raging Bull" Darchinyan will
walk out of the ring a five-time world champion with a victory over
Joseph "King Kong" Agbeko. A triumph also would make Darchinyan a
three-division world champ – at 112, 115 and 118 pounds..

Agbeko (26-1, 22 KOs), the International Boxing Federation (IBF)
bantamweight champion, will defend against Darchinyan (32-1, 26
KOs) in the main event this Saturday, July 11, live on SHOWTIME (9
p.m. ET/PT, delayed on the west coast) from the BankAtlantic Center
in Sunrise, Fla.

The matchup between two of the hardest-hitting, pound-for-pound boxers
in the world could end with one punch. Both fighters have whopping
knockout percentages. Agbeko has won inside the distance 81 percent of
the time while Darchinyan has won by knockout 76 percent of the time.

One thing is certain: Raging Bull certainly didn’t take a tune-up in
King Kong.

Still, Darchinyan was a landslide winner in the SHOWTIME poll,
garnering 22 of the 28 predictions. Most predicted a knockout for
the Australian-based Armenian bomber, while only three predicted the
fight would go to the scorecards.

The co-feature on SHOWTIME CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING will showcase two
once-beaten, world-ranked No. 4 contenders when emerging lightweight
Antonio DeMarco (20-1, 14 KOs), of Tijuana, Mexico, meets Anges "Baby
Face" Adjaho (25-1, 14 KOs), from Benin, Africa, now fighting out of
Geneva, N.Y., in a 12-round bout.

How the media see the scheduled 12-round Agbeko-Darchinyan world
title fight: James Slater, EastsideBoxing.com (Agbeko): "This is a
tough one to pick. Both men are big punchers, Darchinyan especially,
but Agbeko is the naturally bigger man. Yet the fighter known as
"King Kong" is also slower afoot than "The Raging Bull." Almost
sure to end via a violent KO one way or the other — with perhaps
a couple of knockdowns scored by both men along the way. This one
looks unlikely to reach the half way point. Agbeko will hold onto his
belt in a thriller that is so good a rematch will be demanded by the
fans. Agbeko prevails by stoppage inside six furious rounds."

Robert Morales, Los Angeles Newspaper Group (Darchinyan): "Agbeko has
fought four times since coming off of a 2 1/2-year hiatus. Two of the
guys had records of 0-1 and 10-4-1. I’m not convinced he is going to
be able to handle the power of Darchinyan, who is one of the hardest
hitters in the world, pound-for-pound. That, coupled with Darchinyan’s
ongoing hunger, is going to result in a stoppage by Darchinyan —
probably in the middle rounds."

Sharon Robb, South Florida Sun-Sentinel (Darchinyan): "Darchinyan will
win. There is too much on the line for him not to. The Aussie knocks
King Kong out in the fifth round in a punishing and entertaining

Steve Kim, Maxboxing.com (Darchinyan): "I like Darchinyan’s southpaw
stance and newly improved ability to evade punches. Vic is victorious
by late stoppage."

J. Michael Falgoust, USA Today (Darchinyan): "Agbeko gives up his
height and reach advantages by falling in when he punches. He has
a good right hand, but Darchinyan’s hand speed is better and the
southpaw’s straight left should land first. Darchinyan won’t have to
put himself in danger much. If he counterpunches, Agbeko will run
himself into the right hook and knock himself out. He’ll never see
it coming. Darchinyan KO 9."

Ron Borges, Boston Herald (Darchinyan): "It’s going to be a tough
fight. Darchinyan is going to get hit and he is going to get hurt,
but not as badly as the other guy. Darchinyan wins by TKO 7."

Chris Cozzone, FightNews.com (Agbeko): "Someone’s got to do it,
so put me down for Agbeko – mid to late round KO."

Ramon Aranda, 411mania.com (Darchinyan): "Darchinyan’s on a roll
and despite him moving up in weight, I don’t see enough from Agbeko
to think that the Raging Bull loses this fight. That being said,
I expect it to be competitive with Darchinyan taking a decision."

Lyle Fitzsimmons, The Sports Network (Darchinyan): "A toughie. Agbeko
is a legit bantamweight who’s knocked out legit bantamweights, albeit
none with the name cache of the guys Darchinyan has tangled with. And
Vic is the sort of fighter who can always overwhelm a foe, but can
always catch a big KO shot coming in as well. Either way, it’s got
to a fun to watch… and I’ll lean to Vic by a ninth-round TKO."

Paul Upham, SecondsOut.com (Darchinyan): "These are the types of
fights boxing fans want to see: Knockout punchers trying to make
history with a world title on the line. It should be explosive as
long as it lasts, but Darchinyan’s more accurate punches will prove
to be the difference. Vic lands early and hits hard and wins by third
round knockout."

Ernest Gabion, MaxBoxing.com (Darchinyan): "While Agbeko is the
naturally bigger fighter, Vic has been on such a roll, going through
much better opponents easier than what Agbeko has done. Darchinyan
is a true pound-for-pound fighter and it will show when he wins by
TKO 8 in a brutal war."

Anson Wainwright, 15rounds.com (Darchinyan): "This has the makings of
a terrific action fight. Darchinyan always brings it. He is confident
and will go straight at Agbeko, which is fine by him as he also likes
a scrap. Darchinyan stops Agbeko in the ninth in a war of attrition."

Ben Thompson, FightHype.com (Darchinyan): "Even though he’s moving
up in weight, Darchinyan has faced the stiffer competition and has
proven that he can bang and box with the best of them. With all the
trash talk leading up to the fight, I’m not expecting this one to
make it to the scorecards. Darchinyan wins by sixth-round TKO."

Chris Robinson, 8 Count News (Agbeko): "This should be a terrific
fight and I can’t wait. Vic is on a roll but I feel that a lot of
people are looking past Agbeko and his abilities. He is the bigger
man and he is both durable and aggressive. He can also punch a bit
and he is the champion in this case. There will be fireworks before
Agbeko retains his title by late round stoppage."

Matt Knowles, 411mania.com (Darchinyan): "Agbeko is one of those
fighters who isn’t great at any one thing, but is pretty solid
all-around. Darchinyan, on the other hand, is a dynamite puncher who
just finished cleaning out the entire junior bantamweight division
within a two-year stretch. Expect the "Raging Bull" to bring his
power up to 118 and earn a convincing TKO win late in the bout as
Agbeko slowly deteriorates from the two-fisted onslaught brought
forth by Darchinyan."

Patrick Mullin, 411mania.com (Darchinyan): "Agbeko’s record is
really flashy but I don’t see a lot of substance within it. Vic is
the proven commodity, and while he may be the naturally smaller guy
he sure doesn’t hit like a smaller guy. Darchinyan wins by KO."

Michael Gonzalez, Boxingtalk.com (Darchinyan): "Long live Vic
Darchinyan! He continues to back up his brash talk and suave swagger
by seeking out and defeating the best – a novel idea in boxing these
days. So far his awkward southpaw style, coupled with a crushing
left hand, have proven too much for all but one of his opponents. He
is, however, moving up in weight and is 33, geriatric in boxing’s
lower weight classes. All the better. It makes the "King Kong" size
challenge of Ghana’s Agbeko that much more interesting. Though I
favor Darchinyan, I wouldn’t be shocked to see Agbeko outwork and
outmuscle him. But in the end, Agbeko’s style will give Darchinyan
plenty of opportunities to land his massive left. But will Vic’s power
be just as destructive at 118 as it was at 112 and 115? We’ll find
out. Darchinyan’s underrated boxing ability will separate him in this
one, setting up the punch that will separate Agbeko from his senses."

Lee Bellfield, SaddoBoxing.com (Darchinyan): "I think we’ve got
another absolute classic on our hands. Darchinyan, after proving
he was the No. 1 super flyweight last time out, tries his hand at a
higher weight division. I think he has faced the better competition
but will have to watch out for Agbeko’s heavy hands. I think Vic can
win by late stoppage and if he does, surely being ranked alongside
the likes of Manny Pacquiao in the pound for pound rankings is a must."

Michael Amakor, FightKings.com (Darchinyan): "It’s tempting to go
for the bigger Agbeko, but Darchinyan has many advantages, including
a southpaw stance that will allow him to connect with his trademark
flurry of wild and badly intended punches that the confused Agbeko
will not see coming. Darchinyan hits very hard too, and will be
stronger after stepping up in weight. His confidence is also at
an all time high after brutalizing first rate ex-champs Jorge Arce
and Cristian Mijares in back-to-back fights. Darchinyan may suffer a
flash knockdown from a straight right but will recover to land a left
cross that will extinguish Agbeko’s lights before the championship
rounds. Darchinyan by TKO."

Ed Ludwig, (Darchinyan): "This will be
explosive and is a can’t miss fight for any fan. It is going to be
give and take from start to finish. Both fighters are at the top of
their game and picking a winner is a tough call but my gut tells me
that Darchinyan will capture another title with a late 11th-round
TKO. This has Fight of the Year candidate written all over it and
I’m sure the viewers on SHOWTIME will crave a rematch."

Joseph Bourelly, (Agbeko): "Agbeko will win this
on speed, boxing skill and ring generalship. He is simply a better
fighter at a higher weight class, and I see him knocking Darchinyan
out inside of the 12-round distance."

David Duenez, Therewillbebloodfightshow.com, (Darchinyan): "Even
though he is moving up in weight, Darchinyan’s boxing skills have
improved and he has shown to adjust to his foe’s attack and to set up
his money punches. Both are big punchers, yes, but only one is more
in tune in solving puzzles rather than winging it. The "Raging Bull"
will end the night with a TKO in the mid-rounds."

Albert Alvarez, DiamondBoxing.com (Agbeko): "No doubt Darchinyan is
one of the top power punchers in the sport pound-for-pound; however,
I feel that Agbeko will be physically and mentally strong enough to
handle the Darchinyan bombs. Early on the fight will belong to The
Raging Bull, but midway through the tide will turn, once Agbeko’s
strength and heart begins to shine through. It will be then that
Darchinyan will mentally become drained. "King Kong" wins an upset
split decision in a classic."

Keisha (El- Boxing Empress) Morrisey, JacBoxer Show (Agbeko):
"Joseph "King Kong" Agbeko is improving. Darchinyan was stopped by
Nonito Donaire."

Bill Scherer, Suite101 (Darchinyan): "Darchinyan is as unorthodox
as ever, but more aware, defensively, thanks to getting starched by
Nonito Donaire. He’ll be too funky for Agbeko to get a good bead on
and land enough to wear the Ghanaian down. The ref or Agbeko’s corner
will stop this one in the championship rounds."