BAKU: Spokesman: Azerbaijan Unlike Armenia Always Presents Clear Arg


June 24 2009

Baku considers allegation of Deputy Foreign Ministers of Armenia
Shavarsh Kocharian that the lack of progress in negotiations on the
Karabakh is Azerbaijan’s fault to be frivolous.

"Once again, it is regrettable that the Armenian side prefers to
live with desires, dreams, dreams and legends, appealing in their
statements and comments to unreal topics", said spokesman for the
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan Elkhan Poluhov, according
to Interfax-Azerbaijan.

He stressed that "Azerbaijan, unlike Armenia always speaks with clear
arguments, building its position on the basis of norms and rules of
international law – the UN Charter, OSCE documents, in particular,
the Helsinki Final Act, which lays the ground of this organization".

E. Poluhov quoted article 8 of the Act, which states that "it is
necessary to respect the equal rights and self-determination of
peoples, while continuing to act consistently in accordance with
the purposes and principles of the UN Charter and relevant norms of
international law, including those relating to territorial integrity
of the states".

"This sentence cannot be read and interpreted otherwise and Azerbaijan
is clearly focused on these documents and principles. Azerbaijan has
always been constructive and always participated in the negotiation

If the opposite party, which also must show its agreement and a clear
stance, refused to do so, how can a result be achieves?", wondered
E. Poluhov.

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