Some $6 Million Necessary To Invest In Vanadzor-Chemprom


24.06.2009 11:00 GMT+04:00

/PanARMENIAN.Net/ Armenian prime minister Tigran Sargsyan visited the
"Vanadzor-Chemprom" industrial complex in Lori region, press office
of the RA government reports. The prime minister familiarized with
the work and programs implemented at the electric power station and
chemical plant of Vanadzor-Chemprom.

Current problems and projects of rehabilitation of the enterprise were
discussed at the consultation attended by the head of RA government
staff, ministers of agriculture, energy, natural resources, Lori
region governor and directors of Lori’s enterprises. According to
agreements reached at the consultation, the ministry of agriculture
will elaborate a new complex program on fertilizer production. It was
emphasized, that Vanadzor Chemical Complex can produce fertilizers
which are in brisk demand by Armenia’s agriculture industry. That
comprehensive project would enable to develop country’s agriculture
based on domestically produced fertilizers. The new production of
fertilizers is expected to launch already this year at the plant.

It was also mentioned, that Vanadzor Chemical Complex pledged to
elaborate a multi-fledged program, including production of construction
materials, carbides and other products with a high export potential. In
that context, Mr. Sargsyan reminded, that agreements have already
been reached about purchasing construction materials by enterprises
operating in the earthquake zone.

Mentioning, that the enterprise has debts at the moment, the prime
minister also stressed the necessity to exploit it at a full capacity
and bring to profitability level. According to Mr. Sargsyan, $6
million are required to bring the enterprise to profitability level.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

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