We Are Done With This One Too, Now We May Speak


14:28:13 – 11/06/2009

Today, Serge Sargsyan was present at Gagik Beglaryan’s swearing in
ceremony at the Yerevan Elders’ Council. He addressed the ceremony
stating in particular:

"I think that we made three important conclusions form this
election. First- we are able and we must organize good elections
from now on, where the defective phenomena will be rotted up and the
political forces will carry out a political struggle. This election has
to be a lesson for all of us, and we have to face the next important
election ready in order to be able to hold a better election and
to get the evaluation of our people and the international society,
which will prove that the election corresponded completely to the
international measurements.

Second – no breach of the electoral rights of the Armenian
electors will be unpunished. The right to form a government through
constitutional rights has to become a principle in our scale of
values. No illegality will be tolerated, regardless if it is committed
by a member of an electoral commission or an ordinary voter.

Third – we will be able to register success only when all the
efforts of the political forces interested in the development and
strengthening of the democracy in Armenia will be united, only when
we have a clear aim and speak in the same language of cooperation
and mutual understanding.

Our aim is to establish such a situation when the election is not a
political tense moment or a test for our republic and state, but a
test for the government and the political forces.

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