Treaty On The Establishment Of Anti-Crisis Fund To Be Signed With Ar


09.06.2009 17:41 GMT+04:00

/PanARMENIAN.Net/ Russian premier Vladimir Putin will today
take part in the sessions of EurAsES interstate union and Customs
Unions. "Attention at EurAsEC (Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan
and Tajikistan) meeting will be focused on stepping up collective
anti-crisis efforts in the trade and economic fields," runs statement
released by Russian government.

Treaty on the Establishment of an Anti-Crisis Fund (ACF) will very
probably be signed with Armenia’s participation. The agreement with
Eurasian Development Bank envisages management of ACF Resources.

Fund resources will be used for granting sovereign loans and
stabilisation credits to the member-countries, as well as financing
interstate investment projects. Russia’s share constitutes the bulk of
the authorised capital of ACF – $7,500 million out of $10,000 million.

Besides, EurAsEC’s Center for High Technologies (CHT) is to begin its
work in 2009. The main goal of the CHT is to promote the development
of scientific, technical, and innovations-related activities.

"A number of documents are to be adopted and immediate tasks aimed
at establishing a Customs Union in the three-country format are to
be mapped out within the scope of the Supreme Body of the Customs
Union with the participation of Russia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan. The
documents to be adopted include an Agreement on a Procedure for the
Introduction and Application of Measures Concerning Foreign Trade in
Commodities, within a common customs territory with regard to third
countries, and an Agreement on Licensing Rules," RF Government’s
press service goes on to say.

Russian and Belarusian Foreign Ministers are scheduled to meet in
Moscow. The two countries exacerbated their relations because of
Russian embargo on the import of about 500 brands of dairy products.

EurAsES is an international economic organization whose basic
functions include establishing common foreign trade borders among
state parties, as well as fixing tariffs, prices etc. Beginning 2002,
Moldova and Ukraine were observer states within the organization. In
2003, observer status was granted to Armenia.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

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