TBILISI: Armenian PM Complains on High Transportation Tariffs

Civil Georgia, Georgia
June 6 2009

Armenian PM Complains on High Transportation Tariffs in Georgia

Civil Georgia, Tbilisi / 6 Jun.’09 / 16:44

Armenian Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan said Yerevan should reduce its
economic dependency on Georgia’s transit infrastructure by reopening
railway link with Turkey, Yerevan-based news agency, Novosti Armenia,

Two-third of Armenia’s foreign trade turnover is conducted in transit
through Georgia.

PM Sargsyan complained, according to this report, that transportation
of cargo from other parts of the world to the Georgian ports of Batumi
and Poti was twice cheaper than to transport cargo from Batumi or Poti
to Armenia.

`Our dependency in this regard [on Georgia] is extremely negative and
our neighbors use it, as transaction cost is extremely high and we are
not able to achieve its reduction,’ PM Sarkisyan was quoted by Novosti
Armenia. `It will significantly increase our economic system’s
independence if we have alternative railway routes linking us with
Europe and with other regions.’

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