Sil Concern Head Proposes Two Steps To Soften Crisis


15:29:25 – 05/06/2009

According to the head of the SIL Concern Saribek Sukiasyan, the
following two steps are needed to soften the impact of the economic
crisis. According to him, one of the most important questions is the
preservation of the present job posts. The state has to encourage
the enterprisers not to dismiss their workers. The principle should
be the lessening of the tax duties.

It is understandable that if a worker loses their job, they appear
on the edge of self-destruction, because they do not have any other
means to survive.

So, the state has to enable the job giver to keep the present job
posts, thanks to the lessening of their tax duties.

Moreover, with the same lessening of the tax duties, the state has
to create new job posts, has to present concrete proposals to the
enterprisers: in exchange of increasing the number of job posts,
the state diminishes the tax duties of the enterpriser. This is a
completely acceptable and civilized way to soften the impact of the
crisis with joint efforts.

Saribek Sukiasyan thinks that alongside with securing the protection
of the vulnerable spheres of the public, the state has to enable
the enterprisers, who take loans from the state, to prolong the
terms of the loans, through the Central Bank. If the small and
midsize businesses registered a decrease of realization, the state
has to prolong the terms of the loans to give the possibility to
the enterprisers to pay off the loans and to continue their regular
activities. Even in case of a decrease of the scale of the realization
of their own production, the enterprisers should not bear harms.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

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