Both Displeased And Undecided


01:35 pm | June 01, 2009


"I don’t consider this election as an election in the widest sense
of the word," People’s Party Leader Tigran Karapetyan said to
A1+. According to the preliminary results reported by the Central
Election Commission, the Party has gained 8569 of total votes and
failed to meet the minimum vote threshold of 7%.

Tigran Karapetyan says the election was conducted with large-scale
frauds, violations and bribery which have been protocolled by the
People’s Party.

The discontent mayoral candidate promised to detail their further
steps a bit later.

Leader of the Armenian Labour Socialist Party Movses Shahverdyan is
also displeased with the vote outcome.

"We simply witnessed a low-quality election as we were unable to guess
public moods and thoughts. We couldn’t understand whom they voted for
and what figures were publicized later," Mr. Shahverdyan said to A1+.

He had instructed his proxies not to yield to unpleasant incidents. "I
told them to go home or to the office lest they should appear in
unpleasant situations. If I say an election fraud technique called
"carousel" was carried out during the vote, what shall I gain? They
did everything possible to rig the election."

Asked what the Party is going to do next, Mr. Shahverdyan said:
"We shall try to strengthen our party, review the situation and take
corresponding measures. Our party members are free in their choice
and actions. We have no connection with other parties. Our final
decision will be known by the end of the day."

Asked whether the HASK is going to challenge the election,
Mr. Shahverdyan replied: "Whom can we appeal to?"

The other two parties – OYK and ARF-Dashnaktsutyun – which didn’t
pass the election threshold, promised to inform about their future
steps later.