The Youth Had No Questions


07:30 pm | May 22, 2009


Today the Orinats Yerkir Party (OYK) held a meeting with Party members
and proponents.

Before the meeting which was held at the Hall of Sittings of the
Armenian government A1+ interviewed some young participants who were
affiliated with the OYK.

"I like the Party’s style of work, policy and the path for democracy,"
says OYK member Robert Zohrabian. It is already four years Robert
Zohrabian is engaged in the party. He didn’t quit it after the 2008
presidential election as "the Party’s steps were later explained and
accepted by the youth."

Arthur Misakian, the deputy leader of the Party’s Youth Council,
expects to wake up in a different Yerevan after the May 31 election.

OYK candidate for the Elder’s Council, Grigor Vahanian, advised the
youth to read more literature including Mark Ghazar, Brusov, and his
economic analyses. In his addressing speech Grigor Vahanian cited
prominent Armenians Metsarents and Nzhdeh.

OYK candidate for Yerevan’s Mayor, Heghine Bisharian, reminded the
youth that both Armenia and the OYK are still young. She referred to
the Party’s program which foresees long-term educational loans and
latest accommodations for Armenian students.

"The youth is our artillery battalion and we intend to expand its ranks
after the election. We call for your activity during the studies and
inside the party as the Party gives you a unique opportunity to reach
your zenith," added OYK Leader Arthur Baghdasarian.

The presentees turned out to have no questions and the meeting ended
in a little while.

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