Problem Of Nagorno Karabakh Not To Be Solved Without U.S And RF


21.05.2009 19:21 GMT+04:00

Azerbaijan’s and Armenia’s approximation in talks over the settlement
of Nagorno Karabakh problem can be possible if RF and U.S. have a
hand in the process, said Azeri political scientist Rasim Musabekov.

"We should not expect that the sides can reach an accord by
themselves. Russia has its own interests in that area and we don’t
know what Moscow will require. Conditions, offered by Russia related to
assisting to the conflict settlement are not acceptable for Baku yet:
in particular, their call to stifle Georgia together with Moscow and
to put under Gasprom’s control our energy industry. It means we are
offered to return into the area of Russian influence. This is not
acceptable yet, but we will see in future," Musbekov said.

During his speech the president of Russia Vladimir Putin did not
hide his displeasure by Azerbaijan’s policy. Therefore, Moscow
will not oppress Armenia at all. Russia is dissatisfied with two
things: participation of Azerbaijan in NATO exercises in Georgia and
Baku’s support of the Nabucco project. Azerbaijan is played with
in anticipation when it will fulfill the requirements of Russia,"
Musabekov said.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

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Emil Lazarian

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