A Cooperation Memorandum Signed Between The Chief Prosecutor’S Offic


May 18, 2009

YEREVAN, MAY 18, ARMENPRESS: Armenian and Czech Republic Attorney
Generals Aghvan Hovsepian and Renata Vesecka who is in Yerevan
on an official visit signed a cooperation memorandum today in
Yerevan to consolidate the mutual cooperation in a number of
directions. Particularly the sides will collaboratively combat
the trafficking in human beings and illegal migration, foster the
cooperation in protection of rights and freedoms of citizens and
legal persons.

Today a session of collegiums was also held in the Armenian Chief
Prosecutor’s office in which Attorney Generals of Armenia, Czech
Republic and Nagorno Karabakh Republic took part. During the session
issues of international legal cooperation, exchange of experience
in the legal sphere and other issues were discussed. From the Czech
Chief Prosecutor’s office six specialists who are in the delegation
headed by R. Vesecka took part in the session.

After the session and document signing A. Hovsepian considered the
meeting a historical event noting that this is the first time a woman
Attorney General arrives in Armenia.

According to A. Hovsepian, the Armenian Chief Prosecutor’s office
gives a special significance to the signing of bilateral cooperation
agreements with the Chief Prosecutor’s offices of all the states. The
experience showed that within the frameworks of signed documents
Armenia has launched an efficient cooperation with other European

A. Hovsepian assured that this agreement will also contribute to
operative solution of numerous issues existing between Armenian and
Czech legal systems. He expressed hope that hence force the cooperation
between divisions of the Chief Prosecutor’s offices of the two states
will also be fortified.

During the latest years Armenia has cooperated with the Czech
Republic on 10 criminal cases. Now there is also a criminal case
in the investigation on which the Armenian side must provide legal
support to the Czech partners.

According to R. Vesecka, no analyses have been conducted to find out
how many crimes are annually conducted in the Czech Republic with
the participation of Armenians. She said that during the today’s
session of collegiums the sides have found out during the latest
period the crimes in the two states have reduced. This proves that
the cooperation gave the expected result. According to the Czech
Chief Prosecutor, the document will give an opportunity to further
develop the cooperation and expect for great results.

"We came to conclusion that we must really work hard. The signed
treaty is only the bases for our activity. I hope that the Armenian
Chief Prosecutor will take my invitation to visit Prague where the
continuation of our agreement will be signed. An exchange of experience
must also be held and conducted works presented to each other. Only
in this case we will reach great successes", – R. Vesecka said.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

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