Armenian Premier: Constructive Opposition Represented By ARFD Advant


2009-05-13 13:40:00

ArmInfo. Constructive opposition represented by ARFD is advantageous
for the Government of Armenia, Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan said
Wednesday when introducing the newly appointed Minister of Education
and Science Armen Ashotyan, Minister of Labor and Social Affairs
Gevorg Petrosyan and Minister of Agriculture Gerasim Alaverdyan. The
ex-ministers Spartak Seyranyan, Arsen Hambartsoumyan nd Aramais
Grigoryan were members of ARF Dashnaktsutyun Party. It is noteworthy
that after the presidential election in 2008, presidential elect Serzh
Sargsyan declared an intention to form a coalition government that
involved the Republican Party of Armenia, Prosperous Armenian Party,
Orinats Yerkir Party and ARFD. Representatives of these parties became
member of the government. In April 2009 ARFD left the coalition for
political views.

‘ARFD’s withdrawal from the coalition government had political
reasons. We respect the stands of our political partners irrespective
of whether we share their stands or not. At present a new tradition is
developed in Armenia i.e. mnisters become political figures. At their
ministries they control over observation of political positions. This
implies highly qualified ministerial staff able to fulfill their
professional duties irrespective of the political force the ministry
heads. In this regards, we highlight the importance of the activity of
the ministries, the constant retraining and improvement of ministerial
staff’, the premier said. As regards the ex-ministers, Tigran
Sargsyan is sure that irrespective of their future posts, they will
make their contribution to strengthening of the country. ‘Having such
opposition representative the government will undoubtedly win since
constructive opposition makes the government activity more accurate
and makes it possible for the government to focus on issues of real
importance. Such opposition helps the government avoid many mistakes
and timely reveal gaps. In addition, public gets an opportunity to
listen to various points of view. We have got an opposition force
represented by ARFD, our former partner in the coalition. Nevertheless,
I think that the relations of the incumbent authorities and the given
opposition will become exemplary for the future. This is a new step
towards strengthening our statehood’, the premier minister said.

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