VivaCell-MTS Presents A New Corporate Package ‘Business Prestige’


2009-05-06 11:52:00

Subscribers of VivaCell-MTS have a new opportunity for small business
owners and professionals to talk more at lower tariffs.

VivaCell-MTS, a subsidiary of Mobile TeleSystems OJSC, presents a
new corporate package "Business Prestige". It offers 5 programs,
especially designed to suit the needs of small business owners
and professionals. With "Business Prestige" you can select among
5 tailored programs; benefit from our no-monthly fee options; talk
on-net for as low as 15 AMD/minute and get free on-net minutes and SMS.

While using "Business Prestige", you can also define how your
communication costs will be bound choosing when to suspend your
outgoing services: when the cost of services you have used during a
month reaches your Commitment amount, or when it reaches the set by
VivaCell-MTS. In both cases if you reach the limit you can make some
payment and continue using mobile services. If the cost of services
for a month exceeds your Commitment, at the end of the month you pay
the actual cost of services used. Otherwise case you pay exactly your
Commitment amount.

In order to become "Business Prestige" subscriber a legal entity
status is required. One legal entity can obtain one or more "Business
Prestige" numbers (which can have different tariff plans). Each number
is registered under the name of a certain person, who is making
the payment based on the invoice sent to him. Within the "Business
Prestige" package subscribers can anytime switch from one tariff plan
to another. In case the Commitment amount is not spent during the
month, the remainder is not transferred to the next month. In case
the subscriber does not consume the free minutes or SMS for the month,
they are not transferred to the next month.

VivaCell-MTS (K-Telecom CJSC) is the leading Armenian mobile operator,
providing a wide range of Voice and Data services. Since its launch
on 1st July 2005, in a short period of time VivaCell-MTS has managed
to build a nationwide network and a considerable customer base.

VivaCell-MTS drives the development and offering of innovative mobile
communications products, services and features in the Armenian mobile
communications market.

Mobile TeleSystems OJSC ("MTS") is the largest mobile phone operator
in Russia and the CIS. Together with its subsidiaries, the Company
services over 92.19 million subscribers. The regions of Russia, as
well as Armenia, Belarus, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan, in
which MTS and its associates and subsidiaries are licensed to provide
GSM services, have a total population of more than 230 million. Since
June 2000, MTS’ Level 3 ADRs have been listed on the New York Stock
Exchange (ticker symbol MBT).