Zharangutiun Representative: Unless Co-Rapporteurs’ Approach Becomes


MAY 4, 2009

The discussion of the issue of Armenia at the April sitting of PACE
Monitoring Committee lasted nearly 20 minutes. Zaruhi Postanjian,
a member of the RA NA Zharangutiun (Heritage) faction and newly
appointed member of Armenian delegation in PACE, reported at the
May 4 press conference. In her words, head of Armenian delegation
David Haroutiunian and she gave speeches at the sitting. According
to Z. Postanjian, in difference to D. Haroutiunian, who spoke about
the positive process of PACE resolutions’ fulfillment, she mentioned
presence of political prisoners, persecutions for political views
going on, limitations to holding gatherings and marches. However,
Co-rapporteur on Armenia John Prescott opposed to Z. Postanjian saying
that examination of all that is underway and there is a positive shift.

Z. Postanjian told the other Co-rapporteur, George Colombier that the
Armenian people suspects the Co-rapporteurs of partiality and can send
letters of protest to PACE in connection with their activity. According
to Z. Postanjian, if the situation in Armenia continues like this and
if Co-rapporteurs’ approach does not become unbiassed, she as a member
of the Armenian delegation has a possibility of launching a process,
thanks to which Armenia can renounce Prescott and Colombier. According
to her, Armenia can have a possibility of a special Rapporteur,
which PACE gives.

The NA deputy had a meeting with Council of Europe Commissioner
for Human Rights Thomas Hammarberg. The latter said that amnesty
would be the best solution for Armenia. According to Z. Postanjian,
T. Hammarberg said that he is sure that there is no well-grounded
proof confirming the charge on the "case of the seven."

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