President Of Armenia Meets With Participants In Unofficial Congress


2009-05-04 11:51:00

President of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan met with participants in an
unofficial Congress of European Young Politicians in the resort town
of Tsakhkadzor, Armenia, on May 2.

The president addressed the participants and offered them not to
discuss global financial economic crisis. ‘We believe that economic
crisis is not an Armenian phenomenon and we are not guilty in it. So,
I offer you not to discuss issues related to the crisis’, the president
said. He called on the young politicians to discuss the tasks that
are possible to settle with their support. ‘The financial economic
crisis is a great testing for the world and I am sure that the world
will overcome it. It is better to have financial and economic crisis
and moral and political crisis’, Serzh Sargsyan said.

He said that such meeting of young politicians is held in Armenia
for the first time. ‘We welcome you and believe such meetings very
useful. Such meeting are a good opportunity for exchanging experience
and studying important issues’, S. Sargsyan said. He highlighted that
every Armenian believes him a European since Armenia is a member
of the Council of Europe and committed to live in conformity with
European standards’, he said.

As regards the upcoming visit to Prague, Sargsyan said: ‘Participants
in the Summit, some countries of the former Soviet Union, should
discuss issues related to formation of new relations with European
Union’. Eastern Partnership Summit will me held in Prague on May
7. President of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan and President of Azerbaijan
Ilham Aliyev are expected to meet as part of the Summit.

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