Victor Yengibaryan: Route Map Agreement Is A Cheap Snare Laid For Ar


PanArmenian News
April 23 2009

/PanARMENIAN.Net/ "One of the most significant contributions to
normalization of Armenian-Turkish relations was Armenian presidents’
agreement to normalize ties without preconditions. This has to be a
bilateral principle," Armenia’s European Movement President Victor
Yengibaryan told a PanARMENIAN.Net reporter. "If Turkey demands
the return of "occupied territories of Karabakh" to Azerbaijan,
the Armenian diplomacy has to raise the issue of occupied Armenian
territories, as diplomatically, Armenia is fully entitled to them."

"Route map agreement is a cheap snare laid for Armenia by
Turkey. Turkish part wishes to receive final evidence that Armenia
will not use its rights and set preconditions, as in Sevre agreement,
stipulating for the return of Western Armenia’s territories. By taking
the bait, we’ll put paid to a possibility to give an adequate reply
to Turkey by opposing our preconditions to those set by Turkey,"
he said. If Armenian part signs the route map agreement, Turkey will
have a document confirming Armenia’s abandoning its territorial claims
to Turkey," says the Armenian expert.

According to Yengibaryan, if political games keep following this route,
we could give up on Armenian Genocide acknowledgment within the next
8 years. "It’s been 94years since the Genocide and we still can’t
achieve the final recognition. In 8 years it will be even harder to
do so," he stated.

The expert sees the solution in elaborate diplomacy on Armenia’s part,
to achieve Turkish authorities’ refusal from preconditions and opening
Turkish Embassy in Yerevan.