U.S. Ambassador To Turkey Answers Questions In Internet Chat


Anadolu Agency
April 17 2009

Top U.S. diplomat in Turkey chatted online with Turkish and U.S. people
and answered their questions on Turkish-U.S relations.

James Jeffrey said the United States had a variety of actions in
support of Turkish military operations to help its NATO ally protect
itself against attacks from across the border.

"The Turkish military operations have been very successful, but we
are constantly in contact with the Turkish authorities on what further
steps we can take with the authorities in Iraq and in support of the
Turkish military to ensure a secure Turkey," Jeffrey said.

Asked about relations between Turkey and Armenia, Jeffrey said,
"President Obama visited Turkey and clearly stated his support for
a constructive solution between Turkey and Armenia. At this moment,
our focus is on how, moving forward, the U.S. can help Armenia and
Turkey work together to develop a common future of peace, security,
and prosperity and to come to terms with their shared past. And we
are encouraged by recent Turkish and Armenian efforts in this area."

Upon a question regarding the U.S. withdrawal from Iraq, Jeffrey
recalled a statement made by the U.S. Army European Commander,
General Carter Ham. Ham recently told reporters, "we are not aware
of any plans by CENTCOM to withdraw troops through Turkey, but we
appreciate Turkey’s support in this process." (TC-BRC)

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