Azeri-Turkish Row Linked To Business Interests – Political Expert


April 15 2009

The row between Azerbaijan and Turkey is linked to business interests
and has nothing to do with the opening of Turkish-Armenian border,
an Azeri political expert has told opposition daily Azadliq.

Co-chairman of the Republican Alternative Public Union, Ilqar Mammadov,
believes that Turkey’s proposal to purchase Azerbaijani gas for 150
dollars and sell for 400 dollars has angered Azerbaijan and created
tensions between the two states.

According to Mammadov, by keeping the border closed, Turkey suffers
great economic losses and the 16-year policy of closed border has
not resolved the conflict.

"Turkey has supported Azerbaijan’s position for 16 years and kept
the border [with Armenia] closed, losing great amounts of money. In
addition to economic losses, Turkey’s ties with partners such as
Europe and the USA are deteriorating. Now look, even though Turkey has
suffered economic and political pressure, it has accepted Azerbaijan’s
policy for 16 years. However, this policy has not contributed to the
resolution of the problem," Mammadov told Azadliq.

Mammadov also said that Azerbaijan would benefit from the opening of
the border between Armenia and Turkey.

"Normalization of Turkish-Armenian relations regardless of the
resumption of the armed conflict [between Azerbaijan and Armenia]
is for the benefit of Azerbaijan. This also reduces the risk of
the conflict. The opening of the border will benefit Azerbaijan’s
long-term plans in any case," Mammadov said.

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