BAKU: Federation Of Turkish-Azerbaijani Circles Addresses President


State Telegraph Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan
April 8, 2009 Wednesday

The news on opening of the borders between Turkey and Armenia
has disturbed the Azerbaijanis living in Turkey, too. The
Turkish-Azerbaijani Circles Federation addressed the President of
Turkey Abdullah Gul, State Committee on Diaspora Affairs said.

While Turkey and Azerbaijan shared the same happiness and grief since
the history, and Azerbaijanis reached to help their Turkish brothers
and were killed in Chanaggala and Gelooba fights and the brave sons
of Anadolu were buried in the same cemetery, how the borders will
be opened?, the Address says. At the same time, the bodies of the
courageous soldiers of Turkish Army headed by Nuru Pasha killed in the
fights for the freedom of Baku lie in the peak point of the capital
city of Azerbaijan.

The Address to President Gul by Federation of Turkish-Azerbaijani
Circles emphasizes that despite all international pressures, Azerbaijan
who re-established its independence in 90s of past century shared its
benefit with Turkey, obtained realization of Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan
(BTC) oil pipeline and Baku-TbilisiErzurum gas pipeline. And
Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway project is under construction.

The Address notes: The one nation, two states philosophy was first
uttered by nationwide leader of Azerbaijan Heydar Aliyev and the
Great Leader gave this phrase an eternal life by the contributions
to Turkic world.

The Azerbaijani lands have ever been the target of interest and envy
for its geographical opportunities, rich underground and on-ground
resources and strategic position. The Armenians ever having an eye
on the opportunities and richness of our country committed unseen
hitherto massacres, genocides and terrorisms against Azerbaijani
people. Tens of thousands of our compatriots lost their lives and
murdered savagely, over one million people were ousted from their
homelands, the Address said.

Address to the President of Turkey by Federation of Turkish-Azerbaijani
Circles ends: Both Turkey and Azerbaijan hold historical responsibility
as defending their peoples. Up today Turkey has performed and will
perform this significant responsibility. As being citizens of Turkish
Government we do not doubt about it. Azerbaijan is not alone. And we
have no right to lose confidence and respect of Azerbaijani people.

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