ARF Candidate Against Using Administrative Resources In Election


01.04.2009 16:44

Yerevan (Yerkir) – Artsvik Minasian, who leads the list of the
ARF candidates in the Yerevan Council election, says he is sure
administrative resources will be used this time too as it was the
case in all the previous elections. Speaking at a news conference on
April 1, Minasian called for a chance for the citizens to elect freely.

"Only the country’s president can give guarantees that administrative
resources will not be used. I hope that the president would publicly
state that the administrative resources would not be the main
tool," Minasian said. He added that the candidate of the Republican
Party has an advantage, which comes from the fact that he is the
incumbent mayor. Minasian said he did not see any problems in terms
of competition.

"It is, of course, unwelcome that a person who is among the main
competitors is appointed mayor. But this is the reality and all we
can do now is struggle. My goal would be campaigning without criticism
but offering solutions," he said.