Khoren Abrahamyan Would Turn 79 Today

Marianna Gyurjyan

01.04.2009 15:48

Khoren Abrahamyan would turn 79 today. Many of the characters he
embodied – Arsen from the "First Love Song," Pavle from "We and our
Mountains," Gevorg from "Saroyan brothers" – decorated tens of films.

The Mayor of Yerevan, Gagik Beglaryan, culture workers, his colleagues
and relatives laid wreaths at the memorial to Khoren Abrahamyan and
paid tribute to his memory.

Actor Murad Janibekyan told "Radiolur": I made my first steps in the
theatre with the great Master. He was the first to listen to me, the
first to entrust a role. Khoren Abrahamyan was one of the exceptional
individuals resembling whisky: he was becoming tastier as time went
by. Unfortunately, the time does not forgive anyone. It takes them,
enriching the cemeteries and leaving us poor. May he be blessed in
the kingdom of God. Happy birthday, Khoren Abrahamyan!"

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