Hovhannes Hovhannisian: Yerevan Residents Will Never Conciliate With


Noyan Tapan
March 31, 2009

YEREVAN, MARCH 31, NOYAN TAPAN. In the May 31 Yerevan Council of
Elders elections the Armenian authorities will have en excellent
possibility to organize a normal, fair electoral process. Hovhannes
Hovhannisian, the Chairman of the Liberal Party of Armenia (LPA),
a member of the Armenian National Congress, stating this at the March
31 press conference, added that holding democratic elections will be
the greatest service the authorities can do to the nation. "However,
we see that they have already adopted their own style of rigging the
elections," H. Hovhannisian said. He reported that according to his
information, school headmasters and teachers have started an illegal
signature collection, the participants of which commit themselves to
vote for Gagik Beglarian heading Republican Party’s electoral roll.

Besides, according to the LPA leader, employees’ passports are
collected at institutions.

"If it goes on like this, a calculation from zero will start in the
home political sphere from June 1," H. Hovhannisian said adding that
Yerevan residents will never conciliate with falsified elections,
and a new rally movement will start.

Speaking about the meeting of the PACE Monitoring Committee held
on March 30 in the city of Valensia, Spain, H. Hovhannisian said
that the Europeans are not delighted at all with the false reforms
carried out in Armenia. "Thank God, there are no idiots in Council
of Europe and they understand what indeed takes place in Armenia,"
he stressed. According to the LPA Chairman, as a result of National
Assembly’s amending Articles 225 and 300, RA Criminal Code, "one
absurd was replaced by another."

As to ANC’s and Zharangutiun (Heritage) party’s cooperation in the May
31 elections, according to H. Hovhannisian, it will be well-organized
and solidary. "Believe us, we will hold the whole election campaign
together," he said.

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