‘Armenians’ World’ Available To Legal Bodies


2009-03-23 15:39:00

ArmInfo. Within the frames of special action beginning from 23 March
‘Armenians’ world’ service will be available to legal bodies –
subscribers of ‘ArmenTel’ company (trade mark Beeline). Over the
action all the subscribers of the digital exchange and Beeline mobile
communication will be able to make calls to different parts of the
world by internet-phone connection (VoIP) prices without having to
buy a card.

‘Since February we have been offering to our subscribers-individual
persons single service of the fixed and mobile net by single tariffs
and single way of dialing. Over a short period of time the ‘Armenians’
world’ service has become very popular and we decided to meet wishes
of our corporative clients. From now on they will be also able to make
calls by comfortable tariffs’, – director general of ‘ArmenTel’ Neicho
Velichkov said. To make an international call it is needed to dial *88*
(00) (country code) (city code) (subscriber phone number), reports
the public relations department of ArmenTel. The service is given
to legal and individual bodies by the same tariffs. The prices for
calling Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, USA and Canada are 24 AMD. Moreover,
when using this service subscribers do not spend the limit of free of
charge minutes as it happens when making other VoIP calls. The account
for20 international calls made via this service will enter general
account of a subscriber for using the telephone communication. The
action on offering service to legal bodies will last till 31 May.

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