Videoconferencing hall opened


Videoconferencing hall opened
[08:25 pm] 11 March, 2009

Today the official opening of the videoconferencing hall of the
American University of Armenia was held. The videoconferencing hall
was sponsored by VivaCell-MTS, a subsidiary of Mobile TeleSystems OJSC

VivaCell-MTS has provided AMD 60.6 mln of support for the
videoconferencing facility, which will be named for VivaCell-MTS.

The videoconferencing room comprises a set of interactive
telecommunication technologies which allow students and professors in
different locations to interact via two-way video and audio
transmissions simultaneously. Thanks to this innovative technology,
students and faculty of AUA can benefit from guest lecturers
â?`brought’ into a class from another university though
videoconference. The official launch of the room was marked by the
first videoconferencing lecture in the new Paramaz Avedisian Building
by Dr. Michael Thompson from the University of North Carolina at
Charlotte, for students of the College of Health Sciences.

Through videoconferencing students can visit another part of the world
to speak with others which brings opportunities to students and
faculty from diverse communities and backgrounds to come
together. Scientists can collaborate with colleagues at other
universities on a regular basis without loss of time due to travel.

`Bringing Armenia to the world and the world to Armenia is our aim. We
are responsible for developing highly skilled and flexible human
capital in Armenia. Application of up-to-date technologies in
education today is necessary if we want to compete effectively in
global markets. Nowadays we should be able to think globally. And
videoconferencing allows students from Armenia and their peers in
other countries to explore, communicate, analyze and share information
and ideas with one another’, – VivaCell-MTS General Manager Ralph
Yirikian mentioned during the official opening.

`The support of VivaCell-MTS for the videoconferencing hall in the
University’s brand new state of the art campus building is appreciated
by the whole University community. The VivaCell-MTS commitment to
education in Armenia is exemplary and demonstrates its direct
continued support of the community," said AUA President Haroutune

Support for the videoconferencing equipment was provided by USAID in
an earlier grant to the University.

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