Sahakashvilli assures: Armenia ended in fiasco because of its depend


Sahakashvilli assures: Armenia ended in fiasco because of its
dependence upon Russia
09.03.2009 16:36 GMT+04:00

/PanARMENIAN.Net/ The main priority of Georgia’s authorities is the
prevention of its economy crash which can be avoided only under stable
political conditions, said Mikhael Sahakashvilli, President of
Georgia. You know that within a few weeks Armenia’s economy underwent
a fiasco. Armenia ended in a fiasco because it was fully dependent
upon Russia’s market, and when the Russian market collapsed, Armenia’s
economy collapsed accordingly. We are now in a region where the
neighbouring countries face difficulties in the field of economy. As
to Georgia, it will survive even under hardest conditions, if we reach
a political stability,’ he said.

`Russia excluded Georgia `from its market’ three years ago but Georgia
managed to carry out its reforms on time. We know that people are in
need, we must not allow the worst to happen, and that is the economy
crash, and it shall not happen since the situation will develop the
way we have planned to,’ he added.

He made the above statement in Ckneti (a Tbilisi suburb) at the
opening ceremony of a new hotel and entertainment centre, `Kopala’
belonging to a businessman, Tamaz Kopealeshvilli. The latter is also
the owner of a restaurant chain in Moscow. Sahakashvilli calls him `a
real patriot’ who despite the global economic crisis and the August
war, invested in Georgia.

`Any person working like him can hope that the president will become
his ally, and the Government-his major supporter,’ Sahakashvilli
said. `If the situation develops the way we have planned to, we shall
be able to regulate all other problems,’ Civil Georgia reports.

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