Ashotyan: Format of coalition coop does not mean merging of parties

Armen Ashotyan: The format of coalition cooperation does not mean
merging of parties
10.03.2009 16:16

Lena Badeyan

Republican MP Armen Ashotyan tried to predict today how many percents
the political forces will get at the forthcoming elections of May 31.
He said that the decision of the coalition forces to run in the
elections separately was natural.

`The format of coalition cooperation does not mean merging of the
parties,’ Ashotyan declared. The elections of the City Council of
Yerevan will be a platform for political forces to demonstrate their
power, the deputy said, reminding that the Republican Party has almost
always won in the elections.

As for the participation of the opposition in the elections, the
Republican MP said: `The diplomatic reverences the parliamentary and
non-parliamentary make to each other are just an attempt to temporarily
conceal the deep discrepancies. Every branch of the opposition used the
other one. This stage is over and the political interests are already
completely different.’

Ashotyan predicted 20-30% of votes for the whole opposition. He
believes that the Republican Party will get nearly as much as it
received during the parliamentary elections, or possible a little more
(30-35%). According to him, the Prosperous Armenia will come second
among the coalition parties. He said the remaining two coalition forces
will also exceed the th
reshold of 7%.

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