Prices Went Up


[07:16 pm] 03 March, 2009

Customers at the "Yerevan City" supermarket witnessed inflation on
the spot today.

One of the customers paid 600 drams for vegetable oil instead of the
previous 400 drams. Another customer was caught by surprise when she
had to pay 430 drams for eggs instead of 300 drams.

We and the customers witnessed how store clerks were ripping the old
prices and sticking the new ones on products. We asked them what the
previous price of the product because the there was no old tag left
in the market.

In a matter of seconds the price of one kilogram of butter went from
being 1,900 dram to 2,150 drams, while the price of butter at the
stores in Aresh went up by 400 drams.

A kilogram of sugar went up from 220 drams to 250 drams. As for
chicken, only the prices of imported chicken have gone up, while
local chicken prices remain unchanged.

Bread and alcohol prices remain the same, but store clerks say that
they will go up as well.

There were actually many people at the supermarket today. Store clerks
say that people are in panic because prices are expected to rise even
more soon.

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