This day 21 years ago Sumgait Armenians massacres started

Armenian Second TV Channel.
This day 21 years ago Sumgait Armenians massacres started
28 – February / 2009 : 19:00

This day 21 years ago became a final break for Armenia and Azerbaijan
due to the tragic events. From the very first day of the Movement both
in Artsakh and Armenia hundreds of thousands of people were going out
for peaceful demonstrations while February 28, 1988 Azerbaijan showed
practically the road it had chosen ` Armenians of industrial
town Sumgait were among the creators of the town’s biography. For
three days continuously the town was turned into a hell for Armenians
living there, the criminal gangs were penetrating every house and yard
where an Armenian lived to murder, to break and ruin. Meanwhile,
Moscow was keeping silent. Only three days later the Soviet army
entered Sumgait probably to intervene in the distribution of rich
trophies left from Armenians. Later it would be revealed that in
Azerbaijan all those events were organized by the initiation of the
state machine and those who were going to ”hunt” for Armenians had
been provided by the list and addresses of Armenians. The Sumgait
tragedy was not duly assessed by the Soviet government and it hasn’t
been assessed by the international community up to nowadays. The
single fictive judiciary processes were instituted only based on the
criminal acts by the hooligans. More than hundred people perished,
many thousands of Armenians lost their property. Sumgait was a
crossroad and a start for new developments. Encouraged by the impunity
Azerbaijan continued the massacres in Baku, Gandzak, Khanlar and other
places where many Armenians lived thus deporting half a million
people. it was after Sumgait that self-defense in Armenia and Artsakh
became an imperative and then a token of victory in the compelled war.

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