Opposition Can Do A Blitz-Revenge In Yerevan Local Self-Government E


Noyan Tapan

F eb 26, 2009

YEREVAN, FEBRUARY 26, NOYAN TAPAN. "Everything will be decided
in Yerevan Mayor’s elections scheduled for May 31: the opposition
can do a blitz-revenge and change everything," David Hakobian, the
Chairman of the Marxist Party of Armenia, stated at the February 26
press conference.

According to him, the opposition, in particular, the Armenian
National Congress, should pay much attention and treat seriously
those elections.

"The opposition cannot miss the mark for the third time, let the
authorities know it well," D. Hakobian added. He also warned the
authorities that the elections can be turned into state elections,
as the home political situation remains strained.

As to the tasks of the Marxist Party of Armenia, as D. Hakobian
stressed it, the political force headed by him will continue
cooperating with ANC more efficiently if ANC accepts his three
preconditions. The first precondition is that ANC leader Levon
Ter-Petrosian should periodically hold a consultation with him,
D. Hakobian, the second precondition is that two Marxist Party
representatives should be on the preelection roll of Yerevan councillor
members, and the third, ANC should provide a financial assistance to
the Marxist Party of Armenia. The speaker also stated that if the names
of the first three heading the list are marked in the ballot-paper,
he should be among them.

Speaking about the one year of President Serzh Sargsyan’s holding his
office, D. Hakobian said that participating in CSTO rapid reaction
force establishment was his only positive step. And the omission,
according to D. Hakobian, is economic and is the lack of clear-cut
programs in Nagorno Karabakh negotiations issues. "To cede the seven
territories and to leave only a donkey path, as Serzh Sargsyan says,
is a political idiocy," D. Hakobian said.


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