Website Closed: AIF


2009-02-20 10:32:00

ArmInfo. Web-site and its English version
stopped its activity. An explanation appeared on the latter: "The
project is temporarily closed", AIF Agency reports. Human rights
defenders qualified this as the next hit to the freedom of press
in Azerbaijan.

The site editor Elnur Baimov does not respond to the telephone calls
and e-mail requests. One of his employees said Baimov announced about
the site closure but did not explain the reasons.

Both own materials and information of the local news agencies were
placed on It was among the most popular websites in the

Some experts connect the site closure with the upcoming March
referendum in Azerbaijan concerning possible lifting of restrictions
for the period of Ilham Aliyev’s presidency. This will allow the
Azerbaijani president to stay in his post also upon expiry of his
second presidential term.


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