ANKARA: US Congressman Praises Turkish Leaders’ "Brave" Policy On Ar


Anadolu Agency
Feb 18 2009

Ankara, 18 February: A US congressman [Robert Wexler],who is also the
co-chair of Congressional Turkey-Caucasus Group, said on Wednesday
[18 February] that Turkey’s top officials’ brave policy on the Armenian
issue was praiseworthy.

Speaking to reporters after his talks with Turkish Prime Minister
Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Ankara, US Congressman Robert Wexler said
that numerous issues concerning Turkey and USA were discussed during
his bilateral meeting with Erdogan.

Replying to a question on Turkish-Israeli relations, Wexler said
improving the relations between Turkey and Israel was the best way
to follow for both countries, adding that such an idea was expressed
during his talks with Turkish President Abdullah Gul and Erdogan
as well.

Commenting on the Armenian issue, Wexler said that Turkey and Armenia
had taken a step to start dialogue in a constructive way and he hoped
such step would contribute to the normalization of relations between
the two countries.

Praising Gul and Erdogan’s efforts on the issue, Wexler said that the
US Congress should also focus on the successful normalization of the
relations between Turkey and Armenia.

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