Gagik Jhangiryan To Give Evidence


[02:03 pm] 18 February, 2009

Soon it will be a year since Armenia’s ex deputy Prosecutor General
Gagik Jhangiryan has been deprived of liberty. Jhangiryan has born
no evidence up to present day.

On February 18 the ex deputy Prosecutor General will detail the
events of February 23, 2008, during his arrest on Argavand crossing,
says Advocate Erwand Varosyan.

Gagik Jhangiryan has announced many times that on February 23 the law
enforcers had been given a clear order – "to annihilate" Jhangiryan
on the scene of action, on Argavand crossing.

Remind that on February 22, 2008, on the eve of his detention, Gagik
Jhangiryan announced at Liberty Square that he possessed confidential
information about the October 27 parliamentary carnage.

The Court of General Jurisdiction of Kentron and Nork Marash districts
is due to hold a hearing of the charges against ex deputy prosecutor
general at 2, February 18.

Remind that Gagik Jhangiryan is charged with violence against a
government representative.

Details will be given later in the day.

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