BAKU: Jewish Diasporas In USA Not To Make Choice Between Relations W


Trend News Agency
Feb 16 2009

Jewish organizations in the United States do not reflect the united
position of six million American Jews. Therefore, the Armenian lobby
of the USA will not be able to use the support of Jewish diasporas
for the adoption of law on "Armenian genocide" in the Congress.

The Turkish Hurriyet newspaper reported of the possible rapprochement
of the Armenian lobby and Jewish communities of the USA for the
consideration of the problem "Armenian genocide" in the Congress
in spring.

The reason for the rapprochement of the two communities can be
the sharp of critics by the Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan against
Israeli President Shimon Peres during World Economic Forum in Davos,
where were discussed the consequences of armed conflict in Gaza,
Turkish publication writes.

"A number of groups were upset, as we at AJC were, with the statements
of Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan during Israel’s military operation in
Gaza, including his remarks at the World Economic Forum in Davos. We
felt they did not reflect the reality on the ground or take into
account Israel’s unenviable challenge in dealing with daily rockets
fired from Gaza," David Harris, Executive Director of American Jewish
Committee (AJC), told TrendNews via e-mail.

But in recent weeks, a determined effort has been made to reaffirm the
longstanding friendship among Turkey, Israel and the Jewish people,
Harris said.

"There is an impression in some places that there is such a thing
as "the Jewish lobby in the United States." In reality, there is
not. There are many Jewish groups, each with its own point of view on
policy questions and its own areas of special interest," Harris said.

Regarding Armenian-Jewish ties in the United States, this relationship
is not a function of the ups and down in Turkish-Jewish links. Rather,
we seek friendly contacts with both Turks and Armenians, Harris stated.

"We absolutely do not see this as a zero-sum game. We do not feel we
have to "choose" sides," Harris told TrendNews exclusively.

"What will happen in the United States Congress this spring regarding
a resolution on the tragic events of 1915? Frankly speaking, I do not
know. If a resolution is introduced, my guess is that, as in the past,
there will be Jewish senators and congressmen along a spectrum of
views, from support to opposition, exactly as with their non-Jewish
colleagues. And the same will be true for Jewish organizations,"
Harris added.

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