Minister Shares His Opinion On Rubble Zone


[08:13 pm] 11 February, 2009

"There are people who wrongly believe that if Russia has given
Armenia a loan of 500 million rubbles it means Armenia will join
the zone of rubble. I can assure you that they are deluded. This
is a myth or a flight of imagination," Minister of Economy Nerses
Yeritsyan said today after a meeting with the students of Yerevan
State University. When reminded of Armenian Premier’s announcement
on "Mir" interstate television on the introduction of a common
currency in the CIS states, Minister Yeritsyan said: "I think if
the Prime Minister has raised the issue there is a need for it. It
has been tested worldwide." Asked whether the global economic crisis
affects the implementation of international programmes in Armenia,
Mr. Yeritsyan said: "The preparation and mobilisation of investment
takes a long period. We must carry out a crisis management policy
which will enable us to make use of our comparative advantages"

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