Deadline for AGBU Paris & Yerevan Summer Intern Programs Is March 15

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Deadline for AGBU Paris & Yerevan Summer Intern Programs Is March 15,
Apply Now

AGBU is currently accepting applications for its 2009 summer internship
programs in Paris and Yerevan (PSIP and YSIP). The deadline for
applications for both programs is March 15, 2009. College-age students
interested in gaining professional work experience and cultural
exploration in an exciting metropolis, along with other Armenian peers,
are highly encouraged to apply now.

Each summer, students are exposed to the dynamic culture of their host
cities while working in some of the leading companies, organizations and
governmental offices. Students are also given informational lectures on
a variety of worthwhile topics, like resume writing, interviewing, job
networking and Armenian culture and heritage from several prestigious
speakers. Interns also learn to give back to the community through
planned volunteer service opportunities.

The internship programs strive to give participants not only a solid
professional foundation, but also a sense of personal growth. Many
internship alumni continue to give back to the programs and their local
Armenian communities in various ways.

In addition to gaining professional experience and making network
connections in their fields of interest, interns also have the chance to
explore the unique cultures of their host city. Outings planned by AGBU
include visits to the cities’ museums, restaurants, performing arts
centers, parks and major monuments.

Apply today as the deadline for PSIP and YSIP is fast approaching.
Students interested in receiving more information on the AGBU programs
can contact PSIP directly by emailing [email protected] and YSIP by
emailing [email protected]

All forms are now available online at the AGBU flagship website,, under the "Downloadable Forms" pull-down menu.

Sponsored by AGBU France District, the AGBU Paris Summer Intern Program
( was established in 2003, placing young
aspiring Armenians in seven-week internships working for leading
organizations in Paris.

Sponsored by the AGBU Central Board of Directors, the AGBU Yerevan
Summer Intern Program ( was established in 2007, placing
young aspiring Armenians in five-week internships in the corporate,
political, communications, and medical fields of Armenia. In addition,
there is an all-inclusive agenda of Armenian dance, language, culture
and history, plus weekend trips to various regions around the country.

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