BAKU: Khazar Ibrahim: "Azerbaijan Is Strong Enough To Conduct Its In


Jan 29 2009

Azerbaijan is for the resolution of any conflicts in the legal
framework, said spokesman for Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry Khazar
Ibrahim, speaking about the position of official Baku during the
Palestine-Israel conflict.

"Azerbaijan has very good relations both with Israel and the Arab
countries. At the same time Azerbaijan have been for resolution of
any conflicts in the legal frames. Therefore, I do not think that
the position of the official Baku on Palestine-Israel conflict, which
did not differ much from the position of the entire world community,
will deteriorate ties between Israel and Azerbaijan.

Speaking about possible fair resolution of the Karabakh conflict
considering the fact that Russia among the Minsk Group co-chairs is
associated with the next scandal with free supplies of its military
hardware to Armenia, the spokesman noted:

"We have already stated that the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry keeps
the information in focus which is due to the free supply arms in
the amount of $1 billion to Armenia by Russia in 1996. Naturally,
arming an agressor by any country, especially the OSCE MG co-chairing
country, is a very undesirable fact, which is not favorable for the
peaceful and fair resolution of the Karabakh conflict. At the same
time, we can not deny the importance of Russia and other Minsk Group
co-chairing states in the fair resolution of this conflict.

Ibrahim said Azerbaijan is dynamically developing relations with
different countries and world organizations.

"In particular, Azerbaijan has mutually profitable and warm relations
with the United States, Russia, Turkey and Iran. But at the same
time Azerbaijan is strong enough to hold its independent external
policy", said the spokesman, answering the question about the support
of any superpower to Azerbaijan in the issue of the fair resolution
of the Karabakh conflict as well as the settlement of any problems
and challenges facing our country.

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