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Azat Artsakh Daily
26 Jan 09
Republic of Nagorno Karabakh [NKR]

Reporting meeting of the Police board summarizing the results of
2008 operative activities (Stepanakert, 24 January, 2009) The
role of your system and the work of each serviceman are essential in
safeguarding natural development and maintaining public security of
our country. Within the reporting period tangible changes and shifts
have been registered in increasing work efficiency of the NKR Police.
In the year of 2008 as a result of improvements in crime registering
procedures of the Police, 673 cases of crimes were registered
overall, a 25,8 percent increase in comparison with the previous
year. It should be taken into consideration that almost a quarter
of these crimes were committed in previous years. It indicates that
disclosure of crimes committed in the past remains in the spotlight
of the Police’s work. The police play an important role in detecting
crimes against the state authority, government service and social
order. The fact registration of office abuse and bribery cases has
increased itself shows that the level of patronage, a phenomenon
that can harm the reputation of state system, is decreasing in work
stile of different state bodies particularly the Police. Within the
reporting period due to the activities of the Police the perce ntage
of criminal cases solved rate has increased for all categories of
registered offences. In comparison with the year of 2007 the figure
increased by 148. The rate of traffic accidents has also decreased.
At the same time it is worth mentioning that during the previous year
the number of registered crimes has increased in the capital and in all
other regions with the exception of the Shahoumyan and Shoushi regions.

Serious conclusions should be made by the fact that the number
of serious and grave crimes rose which has lead to an increase
of offences registered within the sphere of crime detection. The
crime rate per ten thousand population has increased too. In 2008
the figure constituted 48,5 against 38,8 in 2007. Despite the fact
that this number in several times lower than the corresponding rate
in developed countries, it is unacceptable for us.

To make the struggle against criminality more effective in the first
place it is necessary carry out persistent preventive activities.
The distribution disproportion of both positive and negative trends
in the regions itself shows that there is a necessity of conducting
comprehensive analysis of the works being carried out on site. The
leadership of Police should take proper steps to eliminate such
drawbacks simultaneously strengthening personal responsibility of
the heads of regional and municipal subdivisions. Comprehensive
assessment criteria20for evaluating the work done by heads of
municipal and regional subdivision on securing public order and
supervising criminogenic situation should be clearly defined. Special
attention should be paid to the institute of district inspectors as a
unit engaged with people on a daily basis. The increase of juvenile
delinquency and the fact that robbery dominates in the structure of
these crimes makes us think. It is necessary carry out joint propaganda
and preventive actions together with educational institutions.
It is also necessary further deepen cooperation with appropriate
structures. The institute of ombudsman has been already functioning
in our republic and I consider cooperation with this structure to
be of great importance. Tightening ties with the Police and other
structures of the Republic of Armenia is also crucial. The proper
recruitment and appointment of cadres, their professional skills
and moral qualities play important role in effective organization of
work. The Policemen must be honest and impartial, enjoy confidence of
the public, possess necessary knowledge and abilities. Continuous works
should be conducted in this direction too. It is very much important
to maintain ties between generations and transfer experience. The
foundation of the Council of Police Veterans will greatly contribute
to this. The authorities of the republic will keep carrying out
necessary measures to improve social and working conditions of the
Police servicemen. Dear attendees, I am confident that our police
possess appropriate potential to carry out the assigned task in a
proper way, defend legitimate public interests and safeguard peaceful
and quiet life of the citizens. This is the requirement that should
be followed up by every servicemen of the Police. Thank you.

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