Russia Could Not Sell Off Armenia

15:29:28 – 24/01/2009

The settlement of the Karabakh conflict is imitation which is positive
because it prevents the war, stated the political scientist Igor
Muradyan January 24 at the De Facto press club. The Russians were
trying to settle the Karabakh conflict, selling off Armenia for the
sake of gas and oil interests but the United States stopped them in
time. Igor Muradyan says after the `great’ victory in Georgia Russia
thought that it is the master in the Caucasus and the United States is
not capable anymore and decided to solve the problem of Karabakh, as if
that issue had occurred the day before and was easy to solve.

Igor Muradyan says the Armenian government expected the Russian
initiative which actually meant the sell-off of Armenia for the sake of
oil and gas to fade away but was mistaken. The initiative did not fade
away and even reached to three-party meeting in Moscow, Igor Muradyan
says, noting that the Armenian president fortunately understood that if
they sign in Moscow what the Russian offered them, he would stop being
president the very next day. According to Igor Muradyan, in Moscow not
the declaration was signed which the Russians wanted. The political
scientist knows approximately what document the Russians wanted but the
document which was signed was an American document which actually
prevented the Russian initiative, and was the continuation of the talks
mediated by the OSCE Minsk Group rather than a resolution.

As to the attitude of the society, noting that it prefers the problems
of welfare to thinking about challenges like almost all the other
societies, Igor Muradyan nevertheless said that there is a class in the
Armenian society which is not seen on TV and in the press but is there
and will act from the position of nationalism if necessity occurs. The
political scientist asks why the elite who have money, power, armed
force do not sign a document on the issue of Karabakh. He answers his
question that the reason is that the elite fear something, fear this
valuable and worried class of the society. According to Igor Muradyan,
in our society fear is the only constructive element.

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