A1+: Letter Sent To NCTR Chairman Grigor Amalyan


[04:53 pm] 23 January, 2009

Today the Union of Experts has sent an open letter to Grigor Amalyan,
Chairman of the National Commission on Television and Radio (NCTR). The
Union accuses the NCTR Chairman of deliberate idleness. The letter
runs in part:

"Seeing the permissiveness of the Armenian television, the Union
of Experts has initiated an annual nomination entitled "Unpleasant
Transmission." We aim to stop the menacing ruin of future generations
aimed at making fortune.

Mr. Amalyan, we were much surprised to learn that you have welcomed
our initiative. You needn’t welcome our initiative. You had better
work to be worth the salary you are given by tax payers. You are
doomed to idleness as venomous tongues would say. As a result of your
inactivity, our television filled with illiterate, grey, ambiguous
and vulgar expressions.

Once you have welcomed our initiative and admitted the sorrowful
state of our television, we would like to ask you a few questions:

Has any TV Company been crackdowned for illegal advertising activity?

How many TV Companies have been warned about low-quality TV products?

How many Companies have been warned against airing immoral films and
bad language?

How many Companies have been notified of their illiteracy?

Best regards,

Union of Experts

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