Cyprus Issue Raised During Clinton Confirmation Hearing


Famagusta Gazette
Jan 15 2009

US Senator Robert Menendez has raised the issue of reunifying Cyprus
and the demilitarisation of the island to Secretary of State Designate
Hillary Clinton during her confirmation hearing, before the Senate
Foreign Relations Committee.

An announcement issued by the National President of the American
Hellenic Educational Progressive Association, Ike Gulas, says he has
expressed appreciation for Senator Menendez’s remarks.

"We thank Senator Menendez for bringing the Cyprus issue to the
attention of Secretary Designate Clinton," said Gulas.

"Raising the Cyprus issue and calling for the island’s demilitarisation
before such a large audience in a significant setting elevates the
issue on America’s foreign policy agenda.

"We can’t take for granted everyone is aware, or realises the scope
of Turkey’s military presence on Cyprus, which of course, needs to
end as Senator Menendez rightfully stated," he said.

The Senator, he added, "also urged Senator Clinton to reaffirm the
Armenian Genocide as she has been a long-standing supporter of its
recognition. This is to be applauded." – (KYPE)

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