Armenia Needs Project Managers, Prime Minister


Trend News Agency
Jan 16 2009

Still at the end of the past year our senior officials were thinking
of how to resist the second phase of the world crisis. Prime Minister
Tigran Sargsyan declared during one of the recurrent government
sittings that in order to overcome the financial crisis it is necessary
to present business development programs. A special commission chaired
by the Prime Minister has been formed to coordinate the work, REPROTED
Public Radio.

"The private sector should also present business development programs,
especially considering that 2009 is going to be a hard year and will
demand serious work from all of us. All the Ministers will work,"
Tigran Sargsyan promised.

The Prime Minister informed that 70 applications have already been
submitted, some of which are in the stage of discussion. "The main
emphasis will be laid on import, therefore the Ministry of Agriculture
will have more to do," he said.

The issue of Armenia’s industrial policy is again on the
agenda. Discussions on issues of development of chemical, light and
food industry will start next week. According to the Prime Minister,
"this can create favorable conditions for attracting private
investments, on one hand, and clarifying the state policy in those
areas, on the other hand."

The Head of Government noted also that our country needs project
managers. The ministries will start retraining of the personnel to
fill the gap, and by the end of the year we will have 22 project
managers. The Ministries should actively work in this direction.

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