UK Welcomes Highly Skilled Migrants


[05:54 pm] 17 December, 2008

On 27 November 2008, Tiers 2 and 5 of the points based system (PBS)
that deals with immigration to the UK went live. The Tiers sweep
aside the old work permit system.

TIER 2 ensures that only those workers that UK needs will be able to
come to the UK. To get in under Tier 2 skilled workers must have a
grasp of English language, prospective earnings of more than £24,000
per annum or have a decent qualification, and enough money to support
themselves for the first month of their stay. The list of occupations
that the UK currently needs can be found at


U nder Tier 2, UK companies must pass the Resident Labour Market test
by proving they cannot fill the post with a resident worker before
they can bring in someone from outside the EEA.

TIER 5 covers those travelling temporarily to the UK for primarily
non-economic reasons, such as sportspeople, entertainers and charity
workers. The entertainers coming to the UK for gigs or festivals
will be assessed under visitor visa rules. New visa application
forms that apply to different types of visitors are available at

>From 27 November foreign non-EEA nationals granted leave to remain in
the UK as a student or on the basis of marriage will be issued with an
IDENTITY CARD containing their facial image and fingerprints. Identity
cards will be mandatory for foreign nationals, and will provide
evidence of an individual’s nationality and status in the UK. It
will confirm the holder’s right to work and the services to which
the person is entitled.

This card will replace the sticker that would have previously been
placed in the person’s passport. People applying for leave to remain in
other categories will continue, for the moment, to receive a sticker.


From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

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