BAKU: Khazar Ibrahim: "The Negotiation Process Is Protracted By Arme


Dec 15 2008

Regnum news agency has recently published a news "Ancient city of
Tigranakert in Nagorno Karabakh is declared a reserve".

In particular, according to the material, the so-called "Tigranakert",
which was allegedly revealed by Armenian archaeologists, got a status
of the reserve. According to the material, this was reported during
the discussion of the draft state budget of the so-called "NKR".

The material also says that it was decided to allocate 35 mln drams
from the state budget of "NKR" of 2009 for continuation of works in
the city.

Day.Az has applied for comments to spokesman for Azerbaijani Foreign
Ministry Khazar Ibrahim.

"Such actions from the side of Armenia contradict to the norms and
principles of international law, the commitments, assumed by the states
in the framework of international organizations, as well as documents,
Armenia is a party to.

This is not the first time that Armenia tries either to ruin the
cultural monuments of Azerbaijan or rename ancient Azerbaijani cities
and memorials in the occupied lands or conduct any other actions,
contradicting to the aforementioned commitments of the Armenian side.

On the other hand, these actions do not promote the negotiation process
and have the most negative impact on it. The negotiation process is
protracted by Armenia", said Ibrahim.

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