The Time Of Dictating Conditions Over

Vardan Grigoryan

Azat Artsakh Daily
10 Dec 08
Republic of Nagorno Karabakh [NKR

The process of re-estimating the values, which started after the
Russian-Georgian war, is accompanied by primitive manifestations
of chauvinism.

In this context the achievements of Georgian – Armenian relations is
becoming a matter of review. Because the recent events demonstrated
that it was due to those relations that the two countries maintained
their independence and security.

Due to the normal relations with Armenia during the previous years
Georgia managed to resist the powerful foreign influences. And when
the failures of the previous months became a matter of discussion
both for the political elite of Georgia and the intellectuals, the
moment of truth appeared for the two countries.

Whereas the primitive chauvinism of the Georgians, even in such
circumstances creates problems in their complex interethnic life,
and in the regional issues, including Armenia.

After the Russian-Georgian war Georgia should have appreciated the
neutrality of the Armenians, which undoubtedly required time and
efforts from our authorities to overcome the misunderstanding that
have appeared in our relations with our ally Russia. But at that
period they wrote anything that came to their minds about Armenia,
the Armenians living in Georgia, the Russian "bombers" which have never
existed in our country, and spread provocative news regarding Javakhk.

The wave of the slander regarding Armenia and the Armenians continued
even after the last visit of the Armenian President to Georgia. The
Georgian chauvinism over again hindered the realization of the
arrangements achieved during this visit. This time the conversation
is about the reconstruction of Yerevan-Batum road, the project that
is quite beneficial for the both countries, which promised to connect
the Iranian port of the Persian Gulf with the Georgian port of the
Black Sea, by a short and secure road.

This time as well the Georgian sickly chauvinism "noticed" Russian
tanks on Yerevan-Batum road. Time was required to refute this regular
ignorance and before that the problem linked with the Armenian Church
Norashen St. Astvatsatsin appeared. This new manifestation of the
complex of inferiority characteristic to the Georgian clergymen
raised the wave of protest in Armenia because it is not possible to
hide the manifestation of primitive burglary under shallow words.

A question arises here: how long are these people going to create
problems in Armenian-Georgian relations which are based on the
primitive calculation of annihilating Armenian factor in Georgia
based on the advantage of the fact of Armenian blockade. Because if
we look at the problems faced by the both countries, it is evident
that at the moment they need each other’s help more than ever.

A fter the Russian-Georgian war and the events following it, Armenia
is the only neighbor for Georgia, which is facing various problems,
because Armenia is really interested in Georgia’s stability and

In such circumstances the attempts to create on-going problems
between the two countries, no matter how much they are hidden under
the initiative of the Georgian political scientists, Mass Media or
the clergymen of the Georgian apostolic Church, they can’t veil their
real authors.

By such behavior official Tbilisy breaks the balance based on which
our neighbor maintains its independence.

So the 7th session of the Intergovernmental Committee of Armenian –
Georgian economic cooperation, which started in Tbilisy yesterday,
and the visit of the delegation of representatives headed by the
Armenian Prime Minister to Georgia on this occasion are aimed at
averting the attempts of creating problems in the relations between
the two countries.

The same way as Armenia depends on Georgian communications, Georgia
depends on the balancing role of Armenia in the South Caucasus. So
the breaching of this delicate calculation will be dangerous for the
both countries and the people.

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